melanie cobham

Melanie Cobham is a 25 year-old Uruguayan Visual Artist, Illustrator and Product Designer interested in working with topics such as (self) perception and its distortion, the ambiguity of the real, patterns endlessly repeated in nature, among others.

Permanently oscillating between two and three dimensional grounds, she aims to represent a dual reality between figurative hyperrealism and the most absolute abstraction. Influenced by the work of Magritte, Schiele and contemporary artists Cornelia Parker, Doris Salcedo, and many others, she purposefully places her work under a lens, often imperceptible, that produces that friction between reality and fiction, between hyperrealism and abstraction, between art and life.




2018    Exhibition of the documentary "A Media Agua" with its music played live at Anglo Theater, Uruguay.

2018    Atrium of the Municipality of Montevideo’s central building, LGBTQI pride week.

2018    Sinergia Design, Uruguay.

2017    Takt Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2017    Exhibition of the documentary "A Media Agua" at ORT University, Uruguay.

2017    "Incipient". Solo exhibition at Improper Walls Gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2017    Mainoeuvre Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2014    Angelina Martínez, Uruguay

2012    "An Exhibit about Nothing", Fundación Pablo Atchugarry, Uruguay.

2012    The British Schools, Uruguay.



2018    Lost in the Sea Magazine

2016    Ferpectas

2014    La Citadina

2012    El Andén TV